Meet The Mentors

Fedor Polyanskiy


I started my technical education in 6th grade, learning CAD with Autodesk Inventor. We used the CAD program to design a boat and constructed it in the machine shop.  My father is a Systems Engineer at Amazon, and he’s been teaching me to program in many different languages. I mainly program in Java, although I do know some (not very much) Javascript, HTML, BASIC, and Python.

I was with the Newport High School’s Robotics team in 2012-2013 as a programmer. Our season was very successful; we took first place at the Seattle Regional and then ranked 7th on the Archimedes field at the Nationals in St. Louis. My main task was to program the infrastructure for the robot’s communication with the frisbee flight simulation, which was run on the driver computer. I was also the team’s human player, which gave me a chance to participate firsthand in the competition.

During the 2013-2014 school year, I worked mainly with team 3268 from Inglemoor High School. I used my knowledge of generic robotics to kickstart the team, but I ultimately learned much more than I taught. I obtained many skills including electrical wiring, mechanical construction, shop organization, conflict resolution, along with how to use many tools found in a typical machine shop and how to make sure all people in the work environment remain safe. I filled the role of safety captain during the build season and human player during the competition season.

I also began assisting with Robot-U’s classes in December of 2013. I’ve helped with classes at Kamakian Middle School, Highland Terrace Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and Kokanee Elementary. I focus on teaching methods for sturdy, durable construction, and use of imagination to solve problems presented.

Anand Zekar


Ever since I began my education, I have always been interested in STEM. My father had achieved a PhD in rocket science and mathematics. He formerly worked for the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization by creating and compressing code for the trajectory of missiles. My mother had achieved a masters in aeronautics and worked alongside my father. My brother currently works as a senior software engineer for a graphics company. Growing up around such people had influenced my aspirations and skills. The STEM subject areas have not only been my skills, but my passion. My ultimate goal in life is to make the world more sustainable and beautiful through technology and innovation.

In Canyon Park Junior High (2011 – 2013), I began focusing my education on the STEM field. I took a technology education class every year, each with a different teacher and curriculum. I began participating in Science Olympiad and helped establish CPJH’s first FLL team. This is around when I gained experience in programming through LabView and HTML.

My sophomore year at Inglemoor High School (2013-14) was when I gained substantial erudition. I began taking advanced STEM-focused classes in Pre-IB Biology & Chemistry, IB Precalculus, C# Programming, and VEX robotics. I also took Mass Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on embedded systems, programming, and electrical engineering. I began designing projects at home for science and technology fairs such as the Google Science Fair, ISEF, and WSSEF. I gained an affinity for several hobbies, including one for solving problems. I see the world with infinite issues that need to be solved efficiently and sustainably. Daily, I list any problems I have encountered and any problems with the rest of the world. Then I jot down as many possible solutions as I can, discussing them with friends. I record these inventions and ideas in a journal, with hopes that I may be able to implement them once I have gained the ability to do so. My current projects have come into existence because of this habit. Another hobby I have is observing daily phenomena and trying to understand why it happens, more specifically, with a scientific perspective. I discuss these phenomena with my science teachers, fueling my curiosity. In addition to this, I frequently come up with mathematical puzzles and situations that require me to learn additional knowledge to solve them with the best algorithm, just like Richard Feynman did. This also enhanced my skills in the simplification of complex concepts.

I joined FRC team 3268, formerly known as Viking Robotics. It contained only a handful of people with prior experience in the FIRST robotics competition, therefore the robot was quite decrepit. However, by participating in multifarious roles, I gained invaluable robotics knowledge including programming, wiring, and mechanical construction. Because of my dexterity, I was also the main driver. I wasn’t able to contribute much to the team, but I had finally acquired a firm grasp of robotics.

I am currently in my junior year at IHS (2014-15). I am taking IB Physics, IB Calculus, IB Java, and supplementing online courses including Washington Aerospace Scholars. Also, I am officially participating in the 2015 Google Science Fair. I am still in FRC team 3268, now known as the Valhallabots. This year, the robot is significantly better and has a chance of going to state. I am applying my skills of articulation in tutoring the Pre-IB Biology & Chemistry sophomores, tutoring friends, writing physics labs, writing advanced mathematics reports, and studying in general. I enjoy teaching others since it also improves my own understanding of the subject. Ultimately, I intend to preach design and engineering concepts involving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Max Kelton



I am fifteen years old and a freshman at Shorewood High School. When I was 12 I got a Lego Mindstorms robotics set and built my first robot. I have been interested in robots ever since. I am now on Team Pronto, the Shorewood High School robotics team. I did a summer camp at Digipen Institute of Technology where I learned about programming. I have also mentored kids in building electronics with Creativity Hacked in Seattle. In my spare time I like to play video games, read, and make electronic gadgets.


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