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  Here are some things you should know about FIRST LEGO League, if you haven’t researched it yet. Go to the Washington’s FIRST site to get more information on what exactly FIRST LEGO League is and what starting a team entails. There will be some costs and time demands to consider, but it is a great program and Robot U whole heartily supports it.

A successful team requires help and volunteers from parents and community. Every team will need;

  • Two adults present at every meeting.
  • At least one coach (does not have to be at every meeting).
  • And a student mentor from the local high school Robotics club is a great to have.

Coaching a team is very rewarding. It’s not always easy, but when the team comes together you will feel a sense of pride and warm fuzzies, even if they don’t win.

Do not be scared off by the fact that robots and programming are involved. The experience is more about learning and forming a team than anything else. You do not need to have a back ground in technology to be a great coach. What makes a great coach is the ability to bring out the best in the team and that takes time, caring, and patience.

Most of all, you need to understand that you are not alone. Robot U is here to help where it can and the FLL encourages (if not demands) that you reach out to other teams to share and help each other.  It’s a great experience for all that are involved, student and adult alike.

For our part, Robot U will help by;

  • Helping organize teams.
  • Putting interested people in touch with each other.
  • Posting helpful tips from students, mentors, and coaches.
  • Keeping an events calendar updated.
  • Posting relevant resources.
  • And holding workshops and classes for students, mentors, and coaches.

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