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“What is Robot U?”

LEGO MINDSTORMS “Make it Move” Class
Students tackle different robotic challenges.

Robot U is an after school S.T.E.M. enrichment company that offers programs that teach elementary and middle school students engineering and programming skills using the “New” LEGO® robotics educational MINDSTORMS® EV3 sets (the same sets that are used in FIRST® LEGO® League competitions), LEGO® Wedo®, and Microsoft®‘s Kodu® game creation software.

Robot U was formed to;

  1. Meet the desires of parents and teachers to have an academically valuable after school S.T.E.M. based class to put their students in.
  2. Offer students involved (or intending to get involved) in robotic clubs like FIRST® LEGO® League a sense of mastery over the MINDSTORMS® robotic system. It is Robot U’s position that there is a need for students to learn MINDSTORMS® software and engineering capabilities through a sequential lesson plan ( ideally the one put forth by LEGO® Education ) so the students can fully explore their creative solutions in competition without the frustration of not knowing the basics and losing interest.
  3. Foster connections between students and Mentors from the areas high schools, colleges, and businesses for future networking opportunities and generating increased interest in S.T.E.M. activities.
  4. To promote the FIRST® Organizations Core Values.
“What can we expect from Robot U”
Robotic Models

MINDSTORMS “Locomotion Commotion” Class
A class where students build complex robots from plans.

You can expect a robust learning atmosphere. Robot U uses the lesson plans developed by LEGO® Education and Carnegie Mellon. The students are taught the capabilities of the software and sets through the sequential lessons that build on each other until the students have achieved mastery.
Robot U does not offer a “free play” daycare. We provide a well structured goal orientated class that will both challenge and engage your students.
It is designed to bring out a child’s natural scientific curiosity and instill a sense of confidence in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the social skills to work effectively as part of a team with shared leadership rolls. The classes are loud from students throwing ideas back and forth when they aren’t listening to the lesson for the day. It’s a bit of controlled chaos. The intent of the class is to have fun while learning important S.T.E.M. lessons and the professional social skills that will help the students to succeed in both their academic and business futures.

The students will learn how to; 

  1. Design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels and axles, and other technical components
  2. Understand and interpret two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models
  3. Build, test, troubleshoot, and revise designs to improve robot performance
  4. Gain practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts such as estimating and measuring distance, time, and speed
  5. Communicate effectively using scientific and technical language

The sets we use are optimized for the classroom to enable students to build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology. It contains the EV3 Intelligent Brick, a powerful small computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback. Students are encouraged to brainstorm in order to find creative solutions to problems and then develop them through a process of selecting, building, testing, and evaluating. This is also an excellent way of getting students to talk to each other and cooperate as well as giving them hands-on experience with an array of sensors, motors, and intelligent units.

“So who is teaching these classes?”

Student Mentor from FRC

Parent Volunteers

Students are challenged to find the solutions themselves.

You will find that our “Mentors” (as we like to call them) at Robot U are special because Robot U is committed to a quality, engaging, and fun experience for its students and (being true to FIRST® principles) actively seeks out qualified high school and college mentors to teach the students how to program and build the robots in addition to qualified adults. This gives the students someone that they can relate to and emulate and the mentor has a valuable skill to add to their list of achievements. Our Mentors, having been involved with FIRST®, understand that the best way to learn is not to be fed all of the answers, but to be asked the right questions and that failure is one of the paths to success.

A few words from the owner.

“I strongly believe that the FLL is a tremendous opportunity for children to become immersed in S.T.E.M. learning’s while having a great time. If you don’t have a team started in your school or youth organization I think you should really look into it. I am confident you will want to.
I know that there is a misconception that you need someone from the tech field to be a coach because of the robotics. Please believe me that from my experience you do not need to be any kind of tech expert to be a great coach for a team. The teams need to learn so many different skills that have nothing to do with robotics and that revolve around how to work as a team, independent of their coaches and mentors. Anyone that can impart these skills is incredibly valuable.


I believe that the students can only fail if they don’t learn to work as a team. They are winners just for competing.


As for the courses Robot U teaches I feel the strength of MINDSTORMS® , WeDo®, and Kodu® as S.T.E.M. classes is something any parent would sign their child up for without a second thought, but the original purpose was to give students a solid understanding of the kits for competition and along with the use of our website’s blog I think any team can have a successful season.”





Don Gronning

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